50 Things to Know to Purchase Children’s Clothes on a Budget: Easy Tips to Spend Less

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You don’t need really expensive clothes to look cute



1.  Setting a Budget

Setting a budget is the foremost thing that you need to do before you go for shopping.  Once the budget is set, you need to think about how much you would like to spend. If there is more than one kid, don’t forget to make a shopping budget for each kid. This will be beneficial since you will have an idea about the price point at which you can buy a particular garment for each of them.Once you have decided on these points, try to stick to the budget as much as possible. If your financial condition allows you, it is even advisable to make a leeway for one or two extra items. Now, you are ready to plan your shopping accordingly.

2.  Trying Out All the Clothes

Though this might seem as an awkward idea, it is essential that you do follow this tip and not skip it. Making the kids wear all the dresses that they have over a period of time will enable the parents to understand which all clothes actually fit and which doesn’t.  Along with these, if you had stockpiled clothes earlier in large sizes bring them out and try them.

3.  Making an Inventory List

Once the kids have tried out all the clothes, you have a realistic picture of your kid’s wardrobe. Making this listwill help you to understand how to grow an existing wardrobe within limited means or budget. In other words, the list helps to make your shopping organized. Make sure to update the list with every purchase so that you can track down everything fast whenever you need to use the list.

4.  Preparing a Shopping List

Based on the inventory list, prepare a shopping list for all the items that needs to be bought. The perks from preparing a needs list every season is that the list will help us to control impulse shopping. The chance of overspending is very less when we adopt this approach. Care should be taken to include all kinds of clothing in the list. For example, you need to consider how many staples are needed or how many t shirts are needed to complete your kid’s wardrobe. Along with it, consider what all pieces can be mixed and matched

5. Starting Early

Make a list of what all you need well in advance.  This will help to avoid those situations where you will need to buy things desperately at the last moment while spending more on the clothes due to the higher prices you need to pay. Besides, it helps you to be ready all the time to do sensible and practical shopping. Considering the growth spurts of kids always buy one sixe bigger especially when you are buying for next year.

6. Shopping Smartly

While shopping, make sure that you are purchasing clothes smartly. Consider the versatility of the clothes your kids already have and which you have bought recently and then do the necessary purchase of the next set. Staples like jumpers and t shirts can be worn in or worn out according to various seasons. Look out for those clothes which can be interchanged with different styles or which can be mixed and matched. This way you will be able to find much more variety within the wardrobe. If you kid have a well- stocked basic wardrobe, you can update it much more easily.

7. Buying Good Quality Clothes

The importance of this tip cannot be emphasized more. Look for those brands which are known to provide good quality clothes and which will remain sturdy for a longer period of time. Good quality clothes don’t necessarily mean expensive clothes rather it refers to the quality of the fabric and the production process. Indeed, by just looking at the seams and the material of the clothes, you can tell how good the clothes are. Buy garments only from those brands that are known to withstand wear and tear while undergoing repeated washing without causing any problems of shrinkage and color loss. It make more sense to buy good quality ones especially if you are planning to resell them since they have more resale value attached to them. They will also serve you longer and therefore less cost in the long run rather than cheap ones that need to be discarded after few months. The best methods to purchase good ones are to track them and then buy when their prices are lowered or reduced.

8. Checking Out Consignment Stores

Consignment stores are great places to purchase clothes for your kids at affordable prices. These stores specialize in selling and buying second hand clothes which are in good condition. Buying second hand clothes for kids make sense since most of the kids clothes won’t last for more than few months.The possibility of getting perfectly brand new clothes with price tagsor even vintage clothes is high, if you are able to check and dig deep into the stacks of clothes that are there. Locating and exploring the consignment stores in your area can help you to know which are more suited to your style.The quality of the clothes sold in most of the stores will be very good, though it cannot be guaranteed with regard to all of them.On top, we are also able to sell the outgrown dresses we already have and make money out it provided they are in good condition.  One good example for consignment store is Once Upon a Child.

9. Trade Off or Swapping Clothes

If you have a circle of mommies or friends from your neighborhood or kid’s school or church that have similar taste or liking, then swapping off gently used clothing with them will be a superb idea. On account of the fact that children outgrow clothes very fast within a short period of time, most of them would have been worn only a few times. Besides if you need to buy jackets or boots which are necessary but still expensive to get a new one, then this is the best place to get them. You can either trade them or borrow them or donate them according to your liking. Just decide on a date and then, sort and check them a day before so to ensure it proceeds well.

10. Exploring Clearance Sales

Nothing can beat the benefits that come from purchasing kids clothes during clearance sales.Sales are usually held either annually or twice a year. For some stores, they might coordinate the sales along with the holidays to make it more attractive.  Most of the clothes that are sold during clearance sales are high quality branded clothes. As they were not sold out during the earlier season, their prices would be down by at least 30 to 60%. So if you have started early and have already made a list, then this would enable you to buy most of your clothing needs at discounted rates. For example,you can buy summer clothing during the end of the summer clearance sale for your child’s next summer holidays.Visit these shops during the end period of the clearance sale and you are sure to strike up some fabulous deals.


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