50 Things to Know About Coconut Oil: How to Use Coconut Oil to Benefit Your Health and Life

50 Things to Know About Coconut OilNot all oils are created equal

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1. Whip an Energy Drink

 Coconut Oil is rich in fatty acids and lipids. These provide an instant boost and lift to your metabolism. Mix a tablespoon of coconut oil in water or your regular energy drink and consume during gym sessions. You’ll experience a surge of energy almost immediately.

If you do not like the taste or texture then you can also use coconut oil soft gels after a workout to experience the same effects.


2. Familiarize Yourself With Grades Of Coconut Oil

 Just like anything else, coconut oil also comes in a variety of textures and grades. If you are a newbie it can be assumed that you will go for the oil that labels itself as “refined” or “non-solidifying” as they sound more sophisticated.

Treating or refining any oil destroys a lot of necessary nutrients and vitamins present. Always go for virgin, cold pressed coconut oil that will solidify at lower temperatures. Check the smell and texture if you’re unsure. Cold pressed solidified coconut oil should have an amazing tropical smell and a grainy texture that melts upon contact with your fingers.


3. Spin Candy


I have yet to come across a kid who does not enjoy coconut flavoured treats and candies. Since coconut oil is such a great energy booster, you can make candy out of it for your ever energetic kids. Coconut oil helps take care of muscles and their wear-tear, so not only will the sweets taste great but will also be beneficial for the body.

Here is a great and DIY Coconut Oil Chocolate Peanut Butter Trufflesrecipe that you can follow to satisfy your sweet tooth.

4. Top On Popcorn


We all love some buttered popcorn. The catch is that butter is virtually just pure fats. If you’re struggling with weight issues or are at a heart risk, butter is an absolute no-no. Substitute your bar of butter with some coconut oil to make homemade popcornsthat taste as rich and yummy as their buttered version. Try this simple Coconut Oil Popcorn recipe.


5. Whip To Make Mayonnaise

 Mayonnaise is that multi-purpose goodness that can make a sandwich goes from bland to scrumptious. Unfortunately it is also packed with calories. Just like butter, it is virtually pure fat. However, substituting vegetable oil with a mixture of coconut and olive oilmakes this universally acknowledged dressing a much healthier option. Head over to this awesome blog for an easy to follow step by step guide.


6. Replace Your Coffee Creamer

 Coffee creamer is full of white sugar. If you’re diabetic or just simply are trying to lose some weight, then white sugar is your number one enemy. Replace your coffee creamer with a teaspoon of coconut oil. Blend well to get an even texture.

Not only will your coffee be extra creamy, but this combination will be much more of a pick-me-up drink than caffeine alone.


7. Reduces Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are a result of the tearing of tissues that occurs when the body undergoes a sudden change as in pregnancy, weigh gain or weight loss. Stretch marks cannot be eliminated completely but can be reduced. Coconut oil contains antioxidants which helps the skin to heal. Rubbing raw coconut oil on the area can help repair the tissues hence reduce the appearance of stretch marks.


8. Massage For Perineum

 The process of giving birth can be excruciatingly painful. For first time mothers, it can result in a tearing of perineum which is the area between vaginal opening and the anus. Research and experience has showed that massaging the perineum with coconut oil can reduce the extent of tearing that happens while giving birth.


9. Soothes Nipple Irritation

 New mothers who are breastfeeding their babies can experience chaffing and irritation around the nipple area. This occurs due to the friction that occurs between the skin and the mouth of the baby. Many women swear by coconut oil for reducing chaffing. Owing to its antioxidant properties, coconut oil helps soothe and heal the area.


10. As a Nappy Cream

 The nappy creams available in the market are full of unwanted chemicals. You do not want to expose your baby to synthetic fragrances, preservatives and other nasty additives at such a tender age. Coconut Oil can be used as a nappy cream to heal rashes as it has remarkable soothing properties.


Please read all 50 Tips and learn more about this book: 50 Things to Know About Coconut Oil by Lisa Rusczyk Ed.D.

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