50 Things to Know About Studying Quickly And Efficiently: Time Tested Study Skills

50 Things to Know About Studying Quickly And EfficientlyTo be a good professional engineer, always start to study late for exams because it teaches you how to manage time and tackle emergencies

— Bill Gates

1. Review After Lecture


If you want to be ahead of your game, the best thing to do is to review the course work right after you have studied it in class. The material is still fresh in your mind and reviewing it straight afterwards will help it cement it in your mind.
While revising the lecture, if you do not understand anything, you can ask the teacher the next day. Alternatively if you wait till exam session to open the book for the first time then you will not be able to approach the teacher with so many queries that might arise.


2. Watch Educational Videos


If you are not on cordial terms with your teacher or do not have the opportunity to approach him/her then do not fret. There is a lot of useful educational material on YouTube. Just type in your topic and run a search, you’ll find most topics explained in really easy and simple ways that can help you ace your exam.
PatrickJMT is a great mathematics instructor of YouTube[www.youtube.com/user/patrickJMT]
Crash course Chemistry/Biology/World History are a great series of channels of YouTube that have really comprehensive and easy to understand videos.


3. Collect All the Material


Before you sit down to study, make sure that you have everything you need. These include pencils, pens, writing paper, calculator or dictionary. Getting up again and again to retrieve things that you need breaks your concentration and wastes time.


4. Find a Suitable Spot

 It is very important that the place where you sit down to study is serene and peaceful. Find a spot away from distractions like television. Also avoid studying in the company of people who might sidetrack you. It is better to have a room to yourself. If you do not have the facility of your own room in your house (for example, you share it with a sibling), a corner in the park or your local library might be good spots to consider.


5. Play Background Music

I personally advise against lyrical songs as they can divert your concentration. However some people find that listening to their favorite artist during studying mathematical subjects actually helps in the process. Listening to light, soft instrumental music is the safest bet as it can soothe and relax you.


6. Light a Scented Candle

Different smells can have different effects on our brain. Certain smells like lavender and pine can help you relax; while smells like citrus and peppermint energize and awaken your senses. Having an appropriate energizing scent wafting in the background can help you be more focused. It will also battle against the common problem of feeling sleepy during study sessions.

Bath & Body Works has a great variety of different scented candles and room sprays at very low prices. Check out their store or website for your study time buddy.


7.Workout Before Beginning

Light exercise can vent off the feeling of drowsiness. It also improves blood circulation. As more blood  flows towards your brain, your concentration will improve. Exercise also gives you a sense of purpose and determination to do something. This can help you in keeping sight of your exam related goals and targets.


8. Practice Yoga Poses

Yoga is one of the smartest routines out there. Not only is it great for your body and soul, it also does wonders for your mind. Correct yoga practice can open your mind and senses. An open mind that in more in sync with the world around you can absorb and retain knowledge for longer. Some yoga poses have been signaled out to be especially beneficial for mental health. Try these 12 Yoga Asnas That Make You Smarter.


9. Avoid Studying on Computer

Studying on computer can be immensely distracting. Every ten minutes, you will be inclined to check your twitter or Facebook, even if to just check notifications. I know I advised in favor of educational video but while watching a video you are much more absorbed into it than reading something on the web. Whenever possible, try to read from a book. If you do not have the required book and need to consult the internet, find your desired files and print them out. Your attention is much more focused while reading from paper.

10. Switch Off Your Phone

Just like the internet, your mobile phone can be your number one enemy while trying to study. Nip the problem in the bud and just simply switch it off before beginning your study session.


Please read all 50 Tips and learn more about this book: 50 Things to Know About Studying Quickly And Efficiently  by Lisa Rusczyk Ed.D.


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