50 Things to Know to be Organized at Work

50 Things to Know to be Organized at Work

Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.

– A.A.Milne


1.  De-clutter The Desk

Clear your work desk. Read all your paper work, keep what is important and discard the rest. Remove and store anything else that is not of immediate use. Remove dirty or old décor items, old post it notes and display cards from your sight.

2. Organize Your Drawers

Drawers tend to be the first place to go hay wire. Use drawer dividers to create distinct areas for things you store in there. Group items together based on their use and assign a particular drawer to them for ease of use. For example, notepad, sticky notes and envelopes can go together in one.

3. Keep Essentials Within Reach

Take note of things you regularly use to accomplish your daily tasks. Keep these things in order and near your work station or on your computer’s desktop for quick access. This will also help to note when the essential item needs a refill – in case of physical objects.

4. Taming The Cords

In all modern offices we are faced with the daunting task of taming the cords.  Tying them up and finding a place for them to rest behind or under the desk is a good option. Use a drain pipe or a deep thin container for this purpose. For all other free cords like chargers and data cables, assign a specific place for them in your desk drawer.

5. Go Wireless

If it’s your home office you must choose to go wireless in as many ways as possible. Mouse, keyboard, printer, internet anything that comes wireless and cuts down on cords. The lesser the cords, the easier to manage, leading to a better organized desk.

6. Pick Quality Over Quantity

It is very difficult for a compulsive hoarder to be well organized. Keep one or maximum two instances of office supplies on your desk. You can do with one good quality stapler, remove the second one, it is as simple as that. Remember more of one thing creates clutter.

7. Take Pictures Of Your Desk

If you fail to recognize clutter on your desk and feel you can’t live without any of the stuff you have on the desk, click a few pictures of your desk. A picture will help you to be objective about your desk. The clutter will pop out more easily if you look at it on a picture. Then start the de-cluttering process.

8. Get Help From Professionals

If you have thought of organizing your stuff but are scared at the mere thought of it, you might consider getting help from a professional. These days there are professional organizers who offer their services to relieve you of your headache. Once they are done organizing remember to maintain efficiently.


9. Use A Filing System

Whether it is paper or electronic, filing your documents give them a proper place to stay so that they can be found easily at a later point of time. Creating files, labeling them and storing them away in chronological order is one of the best methods to have information handy, just a few pulls or clicks away.

10. Color Coded Files

Color coding your files will help you to identify them quickly. You can use colorful tabs or colored folders for this. But remember to use just a couple of colors so that you remember which color is for what. Apart from helping you to identify the folders easily, color coding also makes your organized files more aesthetically pleasing.


Please read all 50 Tips and learn more about this book: 50 Things to Know to be Organized at Work by Lisa Rusczyk Ed.D.

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